Quetzalcoatl Kangaroo: watch for hare.


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  1. Here IS something cool. How many time zones are there? (I don’t mean the oddball 15 minutes zones. I mean, the regular zones.)nYou’d think 24, right — one for every 15% around the planet (more or less). But actually the answer is 25! Can you guess where the “extra” zone is?? Spoiler alert: here comes the answer.nThe answer is that where the International Date Line is, just like with Greenwich, the 180 degree longitude is in the MIDDLE of its time zone, not on a boundary. And duh — 15 degrees to the east it’s Monday at 4:22 PM and 15 degrees to the west it’s Sunday at 4:22 PM. Voila! Two different times, hence two different time zones!! So there are 25 zones, not 24. Cool bar bet, don’t you think? Come on http://tropaadet.dk/jolynncherry17364081815

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